Since its establishment in 1964, ITC has enjoyed a proud record of success and achievement in serving the country through human resources development, institutional capacity building and working intensely on the economic and

infrastructure development of Cambodia. The Institute has, for more than four decades, playing role as a bridge connection between the French and English speaking network and in the regional. With its multilateral collaborations, administrators, students, faculty staffs and alumni, this establishment offers a unique multilateral context for the exchange of opinions, the development and technologies   transfer   and   innovative   approaches   to share problems among ministries, authorities, NGOs, private sectors and partner institutions. With globalization and the associated expansion of socioeconomic development and cultural ties between the region and rest of the world, ITC is aiming to achieve a specific purpose.

Whatever, in the context of globalization and fast transformations of new technologies ITC’s main concerns are to play an important role in the Cambodian society and to be at the cutting edge of development to improve our educational system.

Research and engineering education are not only about strengthening competency with discrete knowledge field. It is also about cultural differences as a source and potential for creation, innovation, critical thinking and development. ITC has a mission to train students with high quality education in the fields of engineering, sciences and technologies. Students are provided with technical know‐how and skills of analysis which allow integration and evolution in the labor market. To achieve this, the academic and international research scientific is requires to development.

Based on the decision of the annually board meeting, ITC’s future orientation must be expanded in engineering education and diversified in research platforms for sustainable development country, strengthening knowledge base application, development more research works link with private sectors, supporting communities and economic development and integrating global economy.  

At the end, it is important for ITC to have its own perceiving clearly profile in certain areas such maintaining network with French and English speaking universities; provide education that motivates teaching staffs, students, stimulates creativity and inspires future ambitions; pursue unique research related to the national and international characteristics which leads to intellectual advancement; adequate the needs of the society and provide leadership and contribute to the development of the community; and develop an international intellectual ability among teaching staffs and students.

Dr. Romny OM


Dr. Om Romny